Sunday, January 30, 2011

{V-DAY Project # 4} Decoupaged Containers

Have you been saving those baby food containers??
This is what its for.
Valentines Day Project #4
Decoupaged Containers...

Can you guess what we made to put in them??
I'll let you guess today, and I'll post that project tomorrow!
For now.. here is a quick tutorial for these containers!
The Supplies:
Baby food containers
(I had my sister who a 10 month old, save hers for me)
Valentine themed Tissue paper 
(only $1 at walmart)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Pencil and Scissors

Unfold one piece of tissue paper
take one of the lids and start to trace it out on the back side of 
the tissue paper. Trace as many shapes as containers you have.
Then cut them out!

 Cover one lid at a time with mod podge...

Carefully place one of the cut outs over the lid you just mod podged.

Then apply more mod podge over the tissue paper.

I turned the containers upside down, and set the lids on top to dry for about an hour. 

And then you have a nice decorative lid! They look adorable!

What do you think?
Simple and yet so stinkin adorable right!? :)
Now what is your guess we will be using these containers for??
Post your thoughts, guesses and such in a comment!
And keep a look out for Vday Project #5 to find out what we used these for!! :)

Until then you can check out the rest of the Vday Projects:
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P.S. Make sure you dont miss out on the next project! 
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P.S.S. UPDATE! Project 5 has been posted, check it out {here}

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  1. Visiting from a linky party. These are great!! I've mostly been using the glass baby jars, but now this makes me want the plastic ones. lol

    My guess is some kind of candy goes in them. :)

  2. Very creative!!! Love these and I love working with stuff on hand which cost $0!!! Great idea, thanks for linking to DWYH hope you can come back next Monday :)!

  3. This is such an awesome idea. I love it!!!

  4. I am going to do this using Christmas paper too!


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