Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Girl (Outfit Post)

Today my little Princess turned 9!
For her birthday we decided to do something small and more personal.
She invited a few close friends, for a sleep over.
They got all dressed up just for the fun of it.
I took them all out to a movie, we had pizza they played the kinnect,
and  stayed up late talking and giving each other make overs. ♥
Cutest thing ever.
Kiah loved it and said she wanted to do the same thing next year for her b-day.

Since the girls were getting all dressed up I did Kiah's hair and makeup.
She got to wear her gorgeous new dress from, my sister, her Aunty Mona!
And I of course had to take a few pics of her modeling it.

Stunning little thing, isn't she?

Hope Necklace (Another b-day gift from Mona): Maurices
Giant Rosette Bobby Pin: Agape Love Boutique
Dress: Ross, Shoes: Payless Shoes, Cardy: Thrifted
If you want, you can see more from Kiah's Birthday Photo Shoot on my other blog {here}!

I also had to take a few pics of Kiah's friends. ♥
Meet the Friends... This is Katelyn & Jasmin
Jasmin is actually Kiah's cousin (Mona's daughter)
And they call each other "Best Frousins" (Think Friend & Cousins combined) too cute!

Sierra & Megan

All the girls...

Little Beauties!!

Excited to go out on the town!

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  1. So Fun! I can't wait until my girl is old enough for sleepovers!


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