Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You know, its really funny, but I never really have considered any of my kids "co-sleepers".
Each of my kids have had a very "normal" sleeping routine.
Always have done well sleeping in their cribs and then transferred well into their own beds!

Bed time is usually easy, LONG, but easy.
They all will fall asleep and sleep well in their own beds.

Though, most nights Zander DOES ask if I will sleep with him.
Sometimes I give in to that sweet little request of his because my heart aches to stay with him and get in all the extra cuddle time I can get while he is so small and desires it so.

But most nights I have to tell him no.
I do explain to him that night night time is Mommy and Daddy time.
And that I love him and love cuddling, but that I want to go cuddle with daddy too!

Anyways, Zander does well sleeping in his own bed.
He does seem restless at times, though.
The kids go to bed at 9 and The Daddy and I usually head for our own room about 10-11.
I always check on the kids before I go to bed, to make sure they are still covered and such.

Some nights Zander is still awake.
He is so good, he stays in bed, knowing its bed time.
But just lays awake, not able to sleep.
I'll usually give him another set of huggies and kissies and tell him night night again.
And by the time The Daddy and I actually go to sleep, Zander is finally asleep too.

He has kind of been the only one to ever crawl into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning.
But it wasnt so much so that I thought he would be considered a "co-sleeper".
However Ive come to realize for the past few months of so, he HAS been making this a habit!
Its been EVERY night, the last few months!

He has been waking up and coming into bed with us anywhere between 3-5 am!
And I am very torn about this.
Because I actually do love snuggling with him.
Plus its good for when I have bad dreams!

Like the other night I woke up from a bad dream where Zander was killed.
WHY do us mothers have to have horrid dreams like that!? WHY!
Anyways, I woke up and my heart was just aching.
But I found Zander sleeping next to me and I was just so grateful to have him there next to me.
I kissed his pouty little lips and wrapped my arms around him until my alarm went off.

But the down side is that he is sort of a bed hog.
Or well maybe he is a "Mommy Hog."
Cause he practially wants to sleep ontop of my face,
He has to be THAT close to me.

So I am usually on the edge of the bed, extremely uncomfortable.
On top of that I wake up at 6:15 every morning, JUST so I can have my mommy alone time.
If Im not careful I will wake him right next to me.
And no one wants him up that early! ;)
So I have to CREEEP slowly out of bed, and be sure to tuck the blankets around him so he doesn't notice the absence of my body next to him!

The other thing is that The Daddy is NOT happy about Zan sharing our bed.
Though, he hardly even notices him there! haha
But when he wakes to find him there, he gets sort of annoyed.
He believes Zander is a big boy, and if he were awake when Zan comes in, he would send him to bed.

And I agree, he needs to be in HIS bed.
But the thing is, most of the time I am so sleepy or barely awake when he comes in,
that I just naturally allow him in bed without much thought.
On occasion when he has come in and I am still pretty awake I will help him back to his own bed.
For the most part, Im too tired to function.

Sooo... For now I guess we have a co-sleeper.
Its a love-hate things for me.
I am not sure if I am for or against it really.
But just thought I would blog about it and get some advice.

Do you have a co-sleeper?
If so, how do YOU feel and how does your hubby feel about it?
Do you have any tricks for keeping your little one in their own bed?

What about the quality of sleep for your little one?
Zander, as I mentioned before, sometimes seems restless.
I'm wondering if that's something I should mention to his pediatrician or is that normal?

I'd love to have some discussion about this.
So please feel free to share YOUR stories with me! :)


  1. cute post...he is too adorable to say no

    my 3 year old asks a few times here and there to sleep in my bed, but I have to say no...she is a kicker and we only have a queen

    The only time the kids sleep with us is when they are sick

    I do have friends that bedshare with their kids every night. It works for some...

    1. Haha he IS so cute, and it IS hard to tell that little face no!

      Funny thing is, when we tell him ahead of time (like before he goes to bed) that he needs to stay in his own bed and is not aloud to come into bed with us, he will listen!

      He wont come into bed with us THAT night. But the next night, if we dont say anything, its like its fair game for him. LOL

  2. I learned very early that I can not co-sleep with my kids. They are way too wiggly and I don't sleep with trying to make sure they don't get squished. However, all of the kids have asked at one time or another if they can sleep in our bed. I always tell them no, that they have their own bed to sleep in. Usually that's good enough, but certain kids have pushed and pushed. We offered to let them sleep on the floor so they could be close. One night of that and they decided a bed was better, even if it wasn't right by mom and dad. As far as being restless, is he too hot or too cold? Is there air moving on him from a fan or just a draft? Is there noise from outside that wakes him up? You could try a radio or white noise machine to see if that will help him fall into a deeper sleep. Is he getting too much sleep during the day so he really isn't tired at night? Sorry, I'm probably not very helpful.

    1. My kids are weird, they sometimes ASK us to sleep on the group. Not in our room, but their own. I have let them on occasion. But for the most part I will say no you have a good bed, use it! LOL

      So I dont think that approach would work... Especially on my little guy. And as I mentioned in the above comment, if we tell him no ahead of time.. like before he goes to bed. Then he will respect that and not come into bed with us. But the next night if we dont say something he thinks our bed is fair game. He is a smart little bugger.

      With him being restless, I am not quite sure. I dont think its temperature or comfort related.
      On some nights I do believe its because he had taken too long of a nap. But that is rare, because for him naps are very rare these days. I always think that he SHOULD be falling right to sleep most nights because he doesnt take naps and wears himself out.
      But its almost like, he gets a re-boost of energy when bed time comes around.

      He is a weird kid.
      I like the idea of a noise machine, or maybe music to help soothe him to sleep. I am also considering one of those glow light animals. Because he does often say he is scared to sleep in his bed. (which I forgot to mention in this post). So I wonder if a night light, or light up stuffy would help....

  3. I'm a little nervous to even share this, because I'm certain someone out there is going to think....what a HORRIBLE MOM! But, I'm gonna put myself out there this one time and say that not only 1, but both of my children were in my bed for quite a while. The really odd thing is that they didn't do it until they hit 4. They're both tiny and I have a king size bed, but truthfully, there are nights that I've gotten up and found another bed. I know.....ridiculous. We certainly didn't plan it, but they wormed their way in with the "I'm so scared!" routine. We've been working hard to break this pattern and it's slowly getting better.

    1. Aw dont feel bad or nervous about posting that! I am glad you did. Made me feel a little better.

      Its good to know you are not alone in different battles or struggles in mom-hood!

      And Also, Zander will be four very soon himself!

      So, I wonder if it must just be a phase or stage some kids go through.


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