Friday, December 28, 2012

Insta-Life Of Mommy Made

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1. Breakfast Blueberry Muffin Pancakes!
2. Lightning McQueen slippers. He wanted to wear them to the store.
3. Zander & Bruce playing Dora Dance
4. The Daddy getting in on Dora dance! HA

1. Ready for the day and new Family Traditions!
2. Kiah and Bruce looking so darn cute ready for our new family photos! See more here & here.
3. Zander making a graham cracker house!
4. Turned out pretty good. ♥

1. Z snuggling with The Daddy, so cute!
2. The kidlets, mmm spaghetti & meatballs.
3. The Daddy Singing & playing Guitar!
4. Of course Zan wanted to give it a try too. ♥

1. Decorating time!
2. The kidlets.
3. Gotta love a good couch fort!
4. Me.

1. Zander and his best cousin Bella!
2. Zan in the red (his fav color) monster hat we got him at 6 flags!
3.Wrapping presents and watching Friends!
4. Sweet little Bruce made me a pressie! LOVE.

1. The kidlets scooping out all the presents after we put them out!
2. The Daddy arranging the presents.
3. Me & Z!
4. Z & Me!

 More sillyness from Z & I.
 Little Z-Man praying and going to sleep with his babies and ducky.

1. Sweet Bruce is always the first to fall asleep!
2. Ornaments the kids made me in church, so cute.
3. Brucey made this for me in school. LOVE IT!
4. Fun labels for the wine and cider.

1. Morning coffee!
2. I Spy with The kidlets.
3. The reason I hate laundry! #momchores!
4. Only took 30 minutes to sort them all. Still not fun!

 All dressed up for Christmas!!

 All dressed up for Christmas.

1. Merry Christmas!
2. The kidlets.
3. More of Zander & I!
4. He likes to snuggle and take pictures AKA push the button. LOL.
 He is a cutie.

1. Kiah enjoying the new Nook we got her for Christmas!
2. Me & The Daddy being silly.
3. PUZZLE time!
4. Funny how The Daddy playing angry birds star wars draws a crowd!

1. Silly lil Buddy Boo & I!
2. My sweet boys.
3. My Momma made me this hat!
4. It was finally a nice day to play outside!


  1. I follow you on instagram and always love seeing your photos! my name on there is notinjersey.

  2. <3 that hat Maria!!! Does your Mom sell those?


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