Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Little Overdue - Christmas Wear

Ive been slacking on posting here.
But as usual for the holidays, things have been busy!
So this is way past due, but here it is nonetheless.
Some photos of what the kids wore for Christmas, plus a select few photos of Christmas morning presents!
Kiah: Top: Old Navy, Skirt & Tights: Target
Brucey: Sweater Vest: The Children's Place, Jeans: Target
Zander: Sweater: The Children's Place, Jeans: Target
Linking up to What Kids Wore Wednesday!
 The Daddy, in the background wearing Aero!
 Christmas MORNING!
 Its a WOW worship CD. All her fav songs!
 He wanted a dream lite so bad. He instantly started singing the song when he opened this gift.
"Dream lite, starry night...."
 Something Brucey & The Daddy can play together. :)

Ok so this is funny... We tricked Kiah pretty good!
We bought her a Nook tablet, but decided to wrap it in a Wii box so she wouldn't suspect it!
She thought we bought her, her own wii for her room.
 We told her to hurry and open it up and we would go set it up and play.
Because we also bought each of the kids a new wii game to play (we have a wii in the living room).
When she opened it up, she was surprised to find the Nook!!
 Brucey was cracking up over the FLARP in his stocking...
Flarp is a silly gooey stuff that makes fart noises when you play with it. haha
He is SUCH a boy!
Well our Christmas was wonderful.
How was yours!?


  1. adorable outfits and pictures! I love the wii/nook trick. that photo is priceless :)

  2. You have the best looking family!!! LOVE their outfits!! Looks like a WONDERFUL Christmas!! xoxo

  3. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day! Love the coordinating holiday outfits. THanks for sharing!


  4. Love the argyle and the pop from the polka dot tights. Visiting from WKWW!


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